Galaxy Australia is designed for data analysis and not for long term storage of data.

Use Galaxy Australia to host your input data only for the period required for analysis. Also, remember to export/download your analysed data as this also will not be stored beyond the limits set out below.

It is your responsibility as a user of the system to manage your own data and routinely remove both your input and output data from this community system to enable capacity for other users. Any data that is not removed by you within a defined time period (see below) will be automatically and permanently deleted.

Galaxy Australia maintains a collection of frequently used reference genomes and annotation datasets. The inclusion of additional reference genomes and/or annotation data on the system for community use can be requested. Galaxy Australia's hosting of all reference and annotation data does not count to your quota and it is the best way to access reference/annotation data.

Data storage quotas and retention periods

Storage quota Data retention period
Registered Australian researchers600GB1 year (52 weeks)
Other registered users100GB1 year (52 weeks)
Unregistered users5GBNA

Registered Users

  • Registered Australian Researchers are defined by registration Email from:
    • - only in the case of known Australian Universities not on the .au domain
  • Other Registered Users are defined as any registration Email from all other @domains
  • Please contact us ( if your institution does not conform to this rule but you understand it should be defined as performing publicly funded Australian research

Registered users from Australian publicly funded research organisations have a 600GB data storage quota. Other registered users have a 100GB quota. An increased data storage quota can be requested for a limited time period in special cases.

Registered User's data (i.e. datasets, histories) will be available on the system for 1 year (52 weeks) from the point of upload or creation. Within this period, any data marked by a Registered User as "deleted" will be permanently removed within 5 days. If a registered user "purges" the dataset, it will be removed immediately and permanently.

Unregistered Users

Processed data will only be accessible during one browser session, using a browser cookie to identify an Unregistered User's data. This cookie is not used for any other purposes (e.g. tracking or analytics.)

What does it mean when I go over quota?

You data and histories are still accessible, but you not be able to run new jobs or import more data. If you know in advance then take advantage of requesting more analysis storage or downloading and deleting old, unwanted data.